• What is stock?
    Stocks are securities that represent an ownership share in a company. It refers to each of the equivalent parts of the capital of the companies. For companies, issuing stock is a way to raise money to grow and invest in their business.

  • How to invest in stocks?
    You can easily start investing to stock markets by opening an investment account at İktisatbank branches. Transactions are carried out by registered telephone orders.

  • How can I generate profit from stocks?
    As a rule of thumb, stocks, which is one of the most used instruments for investment purposes tends to saves investor money in the long term. The logic of investing in stocks is simple: Buy at the low price at the right time, and sell at the rising price.

  • Before investing to stocks!
    Before you start trading, you should make sure you have some trading experience. Instead of buying the stocks of the Company / Companies operating in a sector you do not know at all, you should choose the stocks belonging to the sectors you dominate or have an idea. Before you start investing, you should find answers to questions such as what is the stock market, what is it for, what transactions are made in the stock market, what is the logic of the transactions.

  • Which countries' stocks can I invest in?
    Besides Borsa İstanbul (Turkey), Iktisatbank offers investors the opportunity to buy and sell stocks and ETFs (*) traded on world stock markets. Now, with İktisatbank, you can buy and sell stocks of foreign companies for profit, become partners with these companies and make short, medium and long term investments. Iktisatbank provides investors with foreign stock and ETF trading services in 12 countries.

    (*) ETFs (Exchange Trading Funds) are investment instruments that monitor index, commodity or asset basket and can be traded on the relevant stock markets during the day, such as stocks.

    You can contact your customer representative for the trading hours, minimum transaction limits and commission rates of the exchanges of different countries.

  • Before you start!
    Investing in stocks may not meet the expectations of all types of investors. Stocks may not be a good choice for investors with low risk appetite and expectation of fixed returns. On the other hand, it may be suitable for investors who are targeting returns above inflation and average interest rates at average risk. While interest-earning instruments seem more attractive for the profile of risk-averse investors, equity investments seem more appropriate for the risk-loving investor profile.

Stocks may provide higher returns, but the likelihood of capital depreciation shouldn’t be neglected.