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Telephone Banking
Kıbrıs IktisatBank Ltd. Telephone Banking 444 4 444

In 2006 Kıbrıs IktısatBank Ltd. established the call center service for the first time in Northern Cyprus. Our Telephone Banking is more secure and much more faster now days. We are giving service in three languages; English, Turkish and Russian.

Whenever or wherever you have access to a telephone, our team of experienced, friendly and highly professional customer service representatives operating from the best Telephone Banking are always happy to help. If you want you can use our Interactive Voice Response system or all your questions and queries can be asked and answered by our team of experts without you having to visit the branch.

With the new technology we use at our Telephone Banking, our customers accounts and personal details are more secure. If our customer service representatives need to confirm your ID, they will send you a sms to your mobile phone number registered at our system and ask you for the instant code for your security.

For your own security all calls to the Telephone Banking are recorded.

Who can benefit from our Telephone Banking?

Whoever has a account or opens a account at Kibris IktisatBank Ltd can benefit from our Telephone Banking. Even if you are not a customer at Kibris IktisatBank Ltd. you can call our Telephone Banking on 444 4 444 and get information about our services and campaigns.

Telephone Banking Working Hours

You can reach our Telephone Banking 7 days a week from 08:00 to 20:00

You can call our Telephone Banking from Northern Cyprus landlines on 444 4 444, from GSM and overseas on 0392 444 4 444

Telephone Banking