Atm Banking Transactions

ATM Banking Transactions

The Transactions You Can Make with ATM Banking

You can make your banking transactions safely from ATM without waiting in line of branches and you do not have to think of branches working hours.

You can make your banking transactions easily with card or without card and you can deposit or cash withdrawal funds from ATM Banking.

Make Your Transaction Without Card Menu Easily

You can make your money depositing transaction from the ATM's that has the feature of depositing money with SmartCard credit card and Smart Debit Card. Also you can make your transactions without card menu. If you do not have SmartCard credit card or Smart Debit Card you can use our ATM Branches without a card.

You can deposit funds to your account or to any other customers account without card menu. Also you can pay your SmarCard credit card statement with your credit card number as cash.

You can use our ATM Branches without card menu as in English and Turkish. To start using ATM Branches without card menu only thing you have to do is click the 'ENTER' button of the ATM Branch's keyboard.

Bank Card or Credit Card Transactions


Account Transactions

Account Statement

Monitoring Balance

Cash Withdrawal

Cash Withdrawal

Fast Cash Withdrawal

Cash Deposit

Deposit to own account

Deposit to other account

Transfer Transactions

Acount to Account



Currency Transactions

Buy/Sell Currency

Monitoring Exchange Rate

Buy/Sell Gold

Monitoring Gold Rate

Card Transactions

Card Details

Debt Inquiry

Cash Advance

Cash Advance to Account

Cash Advance

Instalment Advance

Instalment Advance to Account


Loan Payment

Payment to own credit card

Payment with Card No

Invoice Payments

Mobile Phone



Council Payments

Other Transactions

Fast Cash Amount Identification

Change PIN

* You can make your transaction at ATM Banking using your SmartCard Credit Card and Smart Debit Card. You can make your with card and cardless transactions with English menus after choosing "English" option.