Gold, Silver And Platinum

Precious Metals

İktisatbank provides the opportunity to access to precious metals transactions via buying and selling gold, silver and platinum;

  • Buying and selling based on current international market prices
  • Fast, high-quality service

Buy or sell your precious metals at competitive rates:

Gold (XAU) 2468.9890 2500.6390
Silver (XAG) 29.5055 29.9210
Platin (XPT) 989.3720 1002.7265
Last Updated: 17.04.2024 - 12:06:40

Invest to Precious Metals

Gold, silver and platinum, which are precious metals, have been used in trading transactions since the first periods of history and change hands physically and non-physically. During times of uncertainty, demand for precious metals increases and their prices rise.

Gold, with its limited supply, is a measure of value and also it could be seen as an risk distributor. This makes gold "safe haven".

You can open a gold, silver and platinum account and safely invest through Iktisatbank.

Major factors affecting gold and silver prices
  • "Safe heaven" effect
  • Inflation expectations
  • Geopolitical uncertainties

You can open precious metal time deposit account similar to TL, or foreign currency and evaluate your savings accordingly. You can buy gold, silver and platinum in grams, and resell them in a similar way.

You can buy and sell gold from your branch, Internet Banking, or ATM Banking. For silver buying and selling, your branch and Internet Banking are at your service.

Iktisatbank provides time deposit facility to precious metals.

If you wish, you can invest your savings in gold and silver in terms of time deposits. In this way, your precious metals, will stay away from risks such as theft, loss, and forgery with the assurance of Iktisatbank.

At the same time, your precious metals investments, will earn time deposits interest also in terms of precious metals.

For Gold, mimimum amount of investment is 9,99 grams; whereas in Silver it is 999 grams.

In order to invest either to Gold or to Silver time deposit accounts, you can visit our nearest branch or use our Internet Banking facility. With the previledge of İktisatbank, you will take advantage of the time deposit rates.

Contrary to your physical gold or silver assets, with Iktisatbank Gold and Silver time deposit accounts, your savings will continue to earn interest, and will increase in value day by day.

Gold, silver and platinum transfers are available between your own accounts, or other gold, silver and platinum accounts within İktisatbank.

The transfer you have made from your account is reflected in the other party's account at the same time.
With Gold, Silver and Platinum transfer, you can gift anyone you want!