Business Credit Card

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SmartBusiness Credit Card Features

SmartBusiness Credit Cards are issued in  the name of your company and allows worldwide company credit card use.
  • Your business can have as many SmartBusiness credit cards as needed.
  • SmartBusiness Credit Cards allows you to manage and track business related expenses under one account.
  • Go paperless and reduce your carbon footprint, by choosing to receive your SmartCard statement via e-mail.  
Benefits of SmartBusiness
  • Eliminate risk of travelling  with cash.
  • Buy now and pay later in installments independent of the seller.
  • Witdraw cash at any ATM or in Iktisatbank branches using the Cash Advance feature.
  • Use SmartBusiness Credit Card all around the world where Mastercard is accepted
  • Use SmartBusiness Credit Card for all your online shopping.
  • Use SmartBusiness Credit Card for your standing order payments such as insurance installment payments and utilities.
SmartBusiness Limit Master Account

Your Limit Account is set up to determine the overall limit your supplemental individual cards will operate under. Your business will not be issued with a physical credit card for this master account.

SmartBusiness Individual Supplemental Cards
This is the actual physical SmartBusiness Card you will use and you can ask for any number of cards for your business as required. Your company can set individual spending and cash advance limits for each supplemental card.