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About Northern Cyprus's Pioneer Bank “İktisatbank”

Leading Bank of Northern Cyprus İktisatbank, which was established in 1990 leads the way in both private and corporate banking with branches across the country.

Over the past 20 years, İktisatbank has pioneered the introduction of a number of products and services that other banks did not offer.

In 2002, we introduced the Lemar Advantage Card, together with telephone banking services. In 2003, we introduced our SmartCard, the first credit card in Northern Cyprus, and also launched a network of ATM's across the country. In 2004, İktisatbank was the first to launch an internet banking facility.

In 2006, we launched the first call center with banking transaction in Northern Cyprus. In that year, in response to the growing number of foreign residents on the island, İktisatbank opened an English-speaking Department at its Kyrenia branch. In 2012, the department became the Multicultural Banking Department and the service was extended to all branches in Kyrenia and Famagusta. In June of that year, a Russian-speaking representative joined the team to cater for the growing needs of other foreign nationalities.

About Us