Organizational Structure

Mr. Mete Ozmerter
Kibris İktisat Bank Ltd. Organisational Structure

Since 2007, in response to their growing number, Iktisatbank has invested in a highly developed training and education system for its employees with both internal and external training courses, thereby improving and developing their knowledge of products and customer services.

We were the first bank in Northern Cyprus to apply modern management concepts such as target and budget management, performance evaluation, staff empowerment and delegation.

Our bank has a strong, modern organisational structure that facilitates the compatibility of departments and processes. We continue to invest in human resources.

İktisatbank Board of Directors

Iktisatbank operates under the leadership of its chairman, Mr. Mete Ozmerter. The bank's board of directors comprises the chairman, the secretary and four members.

The directors' job titles and qualifications are presented in the table below.


Name & SurnameJob TitleGraduationStart Date
Mete ÖzmerterCHAIRMANMaster Degree05.11.1990
Ezer ÖzsoyMemberGraduate Degree30.04.2002
Hasan GüngörMemberMaster Degree (Ph.D.)16.04.2004
Arif ArısalMemberGraduate Degree01.08.2010
Olgun ÖnalMemberGraduate Degree01.05.2012
Cihan AlaçamMemberGraduate Degree15.01.2013
Birdal CihangirMemberGraduate Degree03.03.2023

Iktisatbank Management Team

The job titles and qualifications of the members of the management team are presented in the table below.

The bank's senior management is formed in accordance with Article 18 of Banking Law No. 62/2017 . 


Name & Surname
Job Title


Start Date
Olgun ÖnalGeneral ManagerGraduate Degree01.05.2012
Tayfun BalıkcıGeneral Manager AssistantGraduate Degree01.07.2013
Emre DeğirmencioğluGroup Manager - Treasury DepartmentMaster Degree16.02.2009
Erkan AslanGroup Manager - LoansGraduate Degree10.09.2012
İlker Gazi KördeveGroup Manager - Digital Bnk & Payment SysGraduate Degree31.10.2012
Ali İhsan BayarGroup Manager - Marketing DepartmentGraduate Degree20.06.2013
Özlem EminağaManager - Branch OperationsHigh School01.12.1999
Yasin ÇiftçiManager - IT DepartmentMaster Degree17.03.2003
Burçak TayazManager - Operation SupportHigh School02.05.2007
Huriye BeyitManager - Loan and Risk MonitoringHigh School01.03.2011
Hasan BerkutManager - Financial Affairs  ReportingGraduate Degree01.07.2013
İlkin ÖzkanManager Assistant - Internal Control DepartmentGraduate Degree09.11.2009
Gönül Öztürk AkkuntSupervisor - Internal Control DepartmentHigh School27.07.1999 
Simge ÖzerSupervisor - Compliance DepartmentGraduate Degree02.09.2014
Selda ÇınarlıSupervisor - Risk DepartmentGraduate Degree01.03.2019
Emrah ÖztunalıSupervisor - Telephone BankingGraduate Degree13.05.2013