Loan Calculation

Loan Calculator
Loan Repayment Calculation Tool

Using our Loan Calculator Tool you can do the necessary calculations by choosing the type of the credit you need, entering the total amount of the loan, loan period and determining the most convenient payment plan. Seeing the monthly installment amount, interest rate and total due amount to pay, your choice of the best loan for your budget will be easy.

İktisatbank Personal Loan is here to cover the need of finance and Car Loan helps you to own a vehicle of your dream. Moving into your own North Cyprus property is easy with our Mortgage options and investing into land in North Cyprus is possible with Land Loan.

To use the Loan Calculator Tool:

  • Choose the type of credit you are interested in
  • Type the Total Credit Amount you would like to get
  • Choose how many months you would like to pay back
  • The credit calculation process will start automatically.