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  • 179,82 USD
  • 158,54 EUR
  • 142,35 GBP
  • 4,50 XAU

The leader of North Cyprus is İKTİSATBANK

İktisatbank is offering the best advantage for car loans and property loans with the best options.

You can choose the best loan for your budget and calculate your loan with the loan calculator tool.

You can easily calculate what you will pay per month and what you will pay in total. Also you can apply for your loan without visiting the branch.

Meet Smartcard, the best credit card in North Cyprus with its savings and enjoy your shopping with installments. You earn points while shopping and use the SmartPoints as you wish. You can apply with filling the card application form and follow your application with the reference number given.

Up to date exchange marketplace in North Cyprusis under your hands. You can watch 10 different currency units (GBP, USD, AUD, DKK, SEK, CHF, JPY, CAD, NOK) againts the value to TL with the best prices of North Cyprus. Also EURO/USD parity can be watched from our up to date currency table.

İktisatbank presents Western Union. Service that is common in sending/receiving money  with fast and easy way in minutes. Also you can easily perform your transfers with wire service, which is only for within the bank accountsyou can use our EFT service to send TL to other banksour branches or Digital banking channels are also ready to help. For foreign currency transfers you can use swift service to perform your transfers in safety way.

Your life is easier with Digital Banking Channels.

You can perform your bank transactions with Internet Banking or Mobile Banking from anywhere you wish. You can get safe service with ATM Banking in every zone of North Cyprus with uncut service.