Our Children's Future

Light from Iktisatbank to Our Children’s Future

So many presents! But wait, it’s not Christmas time, and the man on the picture is definitely not Santa Claus... What is going on?

Online education is what brings young students and teachers together these days. But not all families can afford buying a new computer or tablet.

With Iktisatbank, children from 250 families will not be left out of their online classes. Life will go on with their new digital tablets, albeit virtual.

It is our common responsibility to bring up educated, socially developed and cheerful kids for the better future of our country. Locking yourself at home with books alone is not an answer. We need to widen our children’s horizons and encourage access to online education and the whole world.

Iktisatbank is proud to give away 250 brand new digital tablets to the local schools. Let us all work not just hope for a better future.

Published Date: 23.02.2021
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