Bills And Bonds Prices

Treasury Bills and Goverment Bonds Prices

These are Government Debt Securities issued in Turkish Lira by the by the Republic of Turkey Undersecretariat of Treasury. Treasury Bills have terms less than a year while Government Bonds have terms for a year or more.

Maturity Currency VKG DTM Coupon
Rate %
Banks Ask Rate
Banks Bid
Banks Ask
Banks Ask
TRT110226T13 11.02.2026 TRY 1414 10.600 24.631 67.31 24.268 67.983
TRT080328T15 08.03.2028 TRY 2170 12.400 24.589 63.314 24.196 64.186
TRT131130T14 13.11.2030 TRY 3150 11.700 24.328 59.189 23.903 60.161
Last Updated: 30.03.2022 - 23:03:00

If you wish to capitalize on your investments on medium or long term and receive a secure return, you can invest in Treasury Bills and Government Bonds.

They can be issued as discounted or with coupon payments. They guarantee a certain return when they are maintained until the end of the term.
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