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Treasury Bills & Government Bonds
Treasury Bills and Government Bonds

If you would like to make a guaranteed investment İktisatbank offers you short and long term T-bills and Government Bonds.

The maturity of the Government Bonds are short term (less than one year), T-bills are a mid to long term investment generally more than one year and they are government debt securities for foreign currency.

If you hold T-bills and Government Bonds until maturity, the repayment of the capital and accrued interest is guaranteed by the issuer. Until the maturity date you can take advantage of secondary market prices with buying and selling of the product at any time.

If you would like to cash in before your maturity date it is based on the market conditions of the day. T-bills and Government Bonds guarantee a certain return so the investor knows how much interest will be accrued at the end of the investment.

Treasury Bills & Government Bonds