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İktisatbank Private Loans

About İktisatbank Private Loans

Kibris İktisatbank LTD. offers you the best loans for all of your needs.

Personal Loans

A loan for any need. From home improvements to health bills, from white goods to unforseen bills this loan is available to you.

Car Loans

Whether you are looking for a new or second hand car the MCB car loan designed especially for foreign residents is available to you. A maximum term of 5 years and low interest rates.

Property and Land Loans

Need to release capital tied up in your property or land? If you have a full title deed in your name for a property or land in Northern Cyprus you may eligible to apply for a low interest rate property loan against your property.

Golden Loan

Do you have Gold in your safe that is not earning you anything, you don't want to sell it but you need spare cash? Then this is the loan for you.

Holiday Loan

Need a holiday but don't have the funds?

Why not take advantage of our low cost holiday loan. With interest rates starting from 0.84% you can finally take the holiday you have been wanting without having to pay for it immediately.

For details of these and other loans available to you, please call Telephone Banking 444 4 444 or contact your nearest branch.

Personal Loans