Western Union Service

Western Union Instant Money Send - Receive Service

Available at all İktisatbank branches, WESTERN UNION (WU) is the most popular method for instant money send and receive from person to person worldwide.

What are the advantages of using instant money transfer with Western Union?
Kıbrıs İktisat Bank Ltd offers you a chance tp send and receive money internationally. From any of our branches you can instantly send or receive money from and to any of the 200 countries worldwide with over 500,000 service agents available. Western Union is the most secure method of instant funds transfer.

What do I need to send the money?
For instant money transfers in USD and GBP you should:

  • Complete "To Send Money" transfer form, available at all İktisatbank branches.
  • Hand the complete form to the teller providing your photo identification together with the funds you are sending and the transfer fee.
  • The teller shall complete the transaction and provide you with a written Money Transfer Confirmation Number (MTCN).

What do I need to receive the money?

  • Complete "To receive Money" form with the details of the person who sent the funds, the country from where the funds were sent, the amount, and the Money Transfer Confirmation Number (MTCN).
  • Hand the completed form over together with your photo identification to the teller.
  • The teller will complete the necessary checks, process the transaction and pay you the funds.
  • The receiver does not pay a fee for receiving the funds.

What is MTCN?
MTCN stands for Money Transfer Control Number and is given to the funds sender after Western Union transfer has been initiated. You can use this number to check the status of the transfer online.

To find the fees for Western Union services depending on the amount you need to send please check the below table.


*11 Countries (USD)


Other Countries (USD)

Amount IntervalExpense Amount IntervalExpense
0,01-100,004,00 0,01-10012,00
100,01-200,005,00 100,01-20018,00
200,01-300,007,00 200,01-30022,00
300,01-400,008,50 300,01-40030,00
400,01-500,0010,00 400,01-60036,00
500,01-600,0012,00 600,01-80040,00
600,01-800,0014,00 800,01-1.400,0045,00
800,01-1.000,0017,00 1.400,01-1.600,0065,00
1.000,01-1.200,0021,00 1.600,01-1.800,0075,00
1.200,01-1.400,0025,00 1.800,01-2.000,0085,00
1.400,01-1.600,0029,00 2.000,01-2.500,0095,00
1.600,01-1.800,0033,00 2.500,01-3.000,00105,00
1.800,01-2.000,0036,00 3.000,01-3.500,00120,00
2.000,01-2.500,0040,00 3.500,01-4.000,00135,00
2.500,01-3.000,0045,00 4.000,01-4.500,00145,00
3.000,01-4.000,0050,00 4.500,01-5.000,00160,00
4.000,01-5.000,0060,00 5.000,01-5.500,00180,00
5.000,01-6.000,0065,00 5.500,01-6.000,00200,00
6.000,01-7.000,0070,00 6.000,01-7.000,00220,00
7.000,01-7.500,0080,00 7.000,01-7.500,00220,00

11 Countries to Transfer Money from North Cyprus (USD) (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhistan, Kirghizistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Türkmenistan, Ukraine)