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ATM Banking
Banking Transactions Are Easy With ATM Banking

Our ATM Banking can be used not only to withdraw cash but also to deposit money which is credited to your account instantly, pay your credit card bill as well as invoices such as electricity. Without waiting in line you can carry out any transactions at our ATM units.

If you do not have a SmartCard please visit your nearest branch or apply online via our Internet Banking. To obtain a PIN for your SmartCard call our Telephone Banking on 444 4 444.

Some of the advantages of using ATM include:

  • 24/7 service
  • Wide variety of over 50 transactions can be carried out without the need to visit the branch and wait in line
  • Card transactions
  • Payment of invoices without waiting in line
  • Getting cash advance on your credit card of any other bank

How to benefit from ATM?
You can use ATM Banking with your SmartCard or card of another bank. To get İktisatbank card you can visit our nearest branch or apply online via our Internet Banking.

ATM Banking