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Secure Banking With Iktisatbank

1. Internet Banking now with One Time PIN (OTP)

Login to the Internet Banking of Iktisatbank you will have a User Name and a Password that will never change, unless you change it yourself, once this has been entered correctly a One Time PIN will be sent to your registered Mobile Telephone Number.

2. Internet Banking Security Image

An extra security setting of our Internet Banking is the security image which is selected by you upon your first log-in. For all logins after this selection has been made, your security image will be shown on the second screen.

3. Email Security

You must never use the link to our Internet Banking that may be contained in any email that is sent to you. Always enter the Internet Banking by logging onto and select Log-In.

4. Computer security

Always maintain your anti-virus software up to date and ensure that the software is of high quality. If you are ever uploading any data from an external device always check this for viruses beforehand.

5. Security Applications

For optional transactions a One Time PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number, therefore it is essential that you maintain your personal contact details update. Details of the One Time PIN:

  • The Security PIN can only be used once
  • You must pay attention to capital and lower case letters
  • The One Time PIN must be used within 3 minutes of receiving it