Internet Banking Transactions

Internet Banking Transactions

The Transactions You Can Make at Our Internet Banking

You can make most of your banking transactions from Internet Banking without going to a branch. Make your banking transactions with Internet Banking's easy menus at your office, your home or when you are travelling.

If you do not have an e-password for your individual Internet Banking you can login with your SmartCard credit card and Smart Bank card. When you login with card you can pay your credit card, you can transfer funds between your account or you can get an e-password and get to use all of the menus we offer at Internet Banking. When you login with your e-password you can use any of the transfer menus, you can pay your own credit card and you can pay someone elses credit card, you can make your foreign exchange transactions and more.

Transaction Limits and Times Of Our Internet Banking

You can find Internet Banking's transaction times and limits at the table below. You can call our Telephone Banking +90(392)444-4444 for increase of the limit.

İktisatbank has a default limit for Internet Banking's. To get information about increasing the limit you can call our Telephone Banking +90(392)444-4444 or you can visit İktisatbank’s nearest branch. Our Internet Banking gives 24 hours 7 days uninterrupted service.


Transaction TypeMax Amount
(TL) **
Fund Transfer Transactions  
Transfer100.00024 hours
Transfer to Name100.00024 hours
Swift100.00008:00 - 14:55
Abroad EFT100.00008:00 - 14:55
Domestic EFT100.00008:50 - 15:25
Credit Card Transactions  
Credit Card Payment-24 Hours
Someone else's credit card100.00024 Hours
Other Banks Credit Card Abroad100.00008:00 - 14:55
Other Banks Credit Card Domestic100.00008.50 - 15.25
FX Transactions  
Buy / Sell Foreign Exchange1.000.00024 Hours
Utility Payments  
Utility Payments100.00024 Hours
Investment Transactions  
Time deposit account-24 Hours
Gold Transactions  
Gold Time Deposit Account-24 Hours
Gold Transactions-24 Hours
** Daily transaction limit is 100.000 TL. Plase contact with your branch for different daily limit requests.
 You can make your banking transactions from your individual Internet Banking if you have internet connection. Find the financial and non-financial transactions list you can make at Internet Banking at the list below. Experience internet banking service with the rich transaction set of Internet Banking we offer for you.


Account Management

My Assest

Account Information

Cheque Transactions

Account Transactions

Demand Account opening / Closing


Loan Information

Payment Table

Installment Payment



Transfers Within Cyprus


Between My Accounts


Scheduled Transactions

Saved Transactions

Card Transactions

Credit Card Information

Balance Payment

Cash Advance

Virtual Card

Constraint Insert/Removal

Currency Transactions

Buy / Sell

Price Monitoring

Arbitration Transactions

Arbitration Price Monitoring

Super Account Transactions

Precious Metals



Gold Buy/Sell

Silver Buy/Sell

Price Monitoring

Deposit Account

Time Deposit Account

Interm Payment Account

Overnight Account Open / Close

Closing Account

Interest Rates

Invoice and Payments

Mobile Phone


Electric KIBTEK

Council - Tax

Council - Water

Council - Traffic



Saved Transactions

Automatic Payment

Monitoring Automatic Payments

Updating Auto Payment

Iktisat Insurance Payment

Security Management

PIN / Password Transaction

Security Constraints (IP/Time/Transaction)

Transaction Authorities

SMS Verification Limit

Joint Accounts

Last 5 Login Information


Update Information

Reminder Settings

My Agenda

Main Page Settings


IBAN Transactions


Credit Card Application

Loan Application

Limited Demand Account

Directing Salary Payment

Application Monitoring

You can define authorization to your different employees with individual usernames and passwords for your Corporate Internet Banking. Also you can define different transaction and transaction limit authorization to your employees for the banking transactions they can do.

You can visit your nearest branch for application and to define authority. You or your authorized employees can make banking transactions without going to branch with Corporate Internet Banking.


Cash Managment

Approval Transactions


POS Transactions

Merchants Statements

Foreign Trade

Import Transfers

Export Transfers

Customs Declaration

 You do not need an e-password to make your transaction with Internet Banking. If you have a SmartCard credit card or Smart card you can use your card information to login to Internet Banking and make your transactions.

The transaction you can make login with card is limited, to make all the transactions we offer at Internet Banking login with your e-password. If you do not have an internet banking application you can use your card details to login with card and you can get an e-password or you can visit İktisatbank's nearest branch to apply.


Card Transactions

Credit Card Statement

Internet Branch Registry


Blockage Removal