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Silver Buy & Sell
With Value Gaining Silver Let your Savings Increase

The supply of silver is limited as a reserve vehicle the value is similar to currencies. In times of uncertainty, silver is described as ‘safe heaven’ for markets. Individual savings can be assessed and if you invest partly in silver this could diversify your “investment risk”.

Because of this İktisatbank continue to offer lucrative products to our customers like buying and selling silver, Silver Time Deposit Account and Silver Transfers.

About Silver

It started coming out of Egypt 3,100 years B.C. Silver has been available since ancient times and was discovered after Gold and Copper.

With investment in physical silver you have the risk of safe keeping, security, liquidity, low adjustment, as well as certain other risks such as trading margins; none of these risks apply to non-physical silver investment.

On the periodic elementary table silver is displayed as Ag its monetary denomination is XAG.

When viewed on an annual basis between 2002 – 2012 the price of silver recorded an increase of 723%. Although in 2013 it lost 20% in value, the demand for silver is expected to continue.

How Can I Invest?

You can invest the silver you buy in Silver Time Deposit Account with suitable and advantaged interest rates.Minimum transaction amount of silver is 1gr. When buying silver 1XAG = 1GR.

Highly liquid and a valuable investment vehicle awaits you at İktisatbank.