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Deposit Account With Interim Payment

A new savings account designed for medium to long term investors who do not want their investment to be subject to fluctuations in the interest rate. 

This new Savings Account has been designed with your needs in mind; invest your capital for a longer term with a set interest rate guaranteed for the term, whilst having access to the interest on a periodic basis to cover those regular expenses you incur. 
YES now you really can have your cake and eat it!!

  • Capital investment for up to 2 years, combining the advantages of medium to long term investments.
  • Available in Turkish Lira, Euro, USD and GBP
  • Investment for either 1 or 2 years with periodic interest payment available, choose from monthly, quarterly or even bi-annual payments dependent on your requirements. Use the interest in the same way as a salary or pension payment.
  • Automatic transfer of the guaranteed interest into your current account on your selected date.
  • Withdraw the interest in cash or use it for other banking transactions.
  •  If you have to break the term of the investment for whatever reason then your account is subject to charges on the interest already paid out. 

For full details of this account please call into your nearest branch or contact our Telephone Banking on 444 4 444.