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Loans for Civil Servants and Retirees

Special Personal Loan for Civil Servants and Pensioners

İktisatbank offers civil servants and pensioners loans for a variety of purposes, including furniture, domestic goods, holidays, education and more.

Create Your Own Loan Repayment Plan;

  • Take out a loan now and make the first repayment in three months time.
  • Take one month or three month repayment "holiday" each year.
  • Make one off larger repayment once a year.
  • Propose an alternative repayment plan of your own.

Special Repayment Plan Option for Civil Servants and Pensioners

We offer an interest rate of 1.25% on loans of 10.000TL repayable up to a maximum term of 24 months and an interest rate of 0.65% on loans of up to 3.500 EUR without surety and set up fee of just 200TL.

Special Repayment Plan for Civil Servants and Pensioners

AmountTermsInterest RatesMonthly Payment
10,000 TL24 Months1.25%TL488.-
3,500 EUR24 Months0.65%EUR159.-

İktisatbank's overdraft account for civil servants and pensioners allows you to take cash withdrawals at special interest rates even when there are no funds in you account.