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Gold Transactions

ATM's Golden Age

Gold began to be widely preferred for investment these days, you can buy gold with the privilege of ATM Branches.

If you would like to evaluate your money with a different investment products, Gold account is just for you. You can make gold transactions with ATM Branch, to your gold demand or time deposit accounts opened at the Internet Branch or İktisatbank branches.

You can benefit from cheap and suitable gold prices when making your transactions from ATM Branches. You can control gold prices from the exchange monitoring screen when making gold transactions.

You can transfer your gold as grams between your account with money order menu or you can transfer to others account with wire menu.

You can make your gold transactions with no risk of being stolen or being lost with non physical gold. Non-physical gold is much more safer to make your transactions.

Some of the Unique Services ATM Branch offers you;

  • Funds Deposit: Your funds will be in your account or in your credit card instantly, with uninterrupted service guarantee.
  • Buy/Sell Foreign Exchange: You can buy/sell your foreign exchange with advantaged exchange rates and profit.
  • Invoice Payments: You can pay your invoices via ATM Banking easily as cash or from your account.
  • Gold Transactions: You can buy and sell gold from ATM Branch with suitable prices any time you would like to do.