Gold and Silver Prices

Advantaged Gold and Silver Prices

You can make your Gold and Silver transactions at our bank with appropriate prices. You can make your buying and selling transactions with cheapest gold and cheapest silver according to the market.

In order to help investors in precious metals and currency market we prepared a table to watch real time rates for gold and silver. You can check our rate table below. You can make your transactions with our advantaged prices at Internet Banking aswell.

Gold (XAU) 244.8261 266.7268
Silver (XAG) 2.7106 2.9604
Last Updated: 16.06.2019 - 00:31:03

Safe Investment with Precious Metal Products

Since the early history gold and silver has been used in buying and selling transactions. These precious metals has been trading in physical and non-physical ways.Precious metals are always valuable for international markets.When entering an international monetary crisis,the demand for precious metals increases and the prices of precious metals elevates.

If you want to invest in a different investment products you can invest in precious metals. When investing in precious metals in a demand or time deposit account there is no risk of low adjustment, buying old dated gold and silver and no risk of safe keeping your precious metals. You can invest safely at Iktisatbank.


The Main Factors That Affect the Price of Gold and Silver

  • “Safe Heaven” affect
  • Inflation expectations
  • Geopolitical uncertainties

How Can I Invest in Precious Metals at Iktisatbank?

You can invest your saving at Iktisatbank’s gold account or silver account as gram gold/gram silver.You can open your precious metals account in a similar manner to TL and currency account and whatever the amount you can invest your savings.You can buy or sell your gold and silver as grams to your accounts.

Whether in your branch, using your Internet Banking facility or if you wish from ATM Banking you can buy and sell gold. You can make your silver transaction from branches and Internet Banking. You can transfer between your current precious metal account to your other precious metal current accounts. The price of precious metals is measured in grams and int he same manner as foreign exchange transactions, it is instantly credited to your account.

Your Precious Metals Will Always Gain with Gold and Silver Time Deposit Accounts

A new service from Iktisatbank to investors who want to invest in gold and silver; Gold Time Deposit Account and Silver Time Deposit Account.

If you wish to you can evaluate your gold and silver savings  in Time Deposit Accounts. This way there is no risk of being stolen, lost and fraud in your Iktisatbank precious metals accounts and your saving will gain.

Do not forget that your gold and silver savings will gain in two ways in time deposit accounts. Your precious metals will gain according to market conditions also with gold time deposit and silver time deposit accounts interest.

How Can I Get a Gold Time Deposit and Silver Time Deposit Account?
You can visit our nearest branch or you can use our Internet Banking to invest in gold and silver. You can choose from variaty terms of time deposit accounts. You can open a Gold Time Deposit and Silver Time Deposit account with advantaged term deposit rates from Internet Banking.

This way your gold will gain with Iktisatbank’s Gold and Silver account different from the gold and silver you keep at home.

You Can Transfer Gold and Silver to Your Loved Ones

With the innovations Kibris Iktisatbank Ltd. offers you can Transfer Gold or Transfer Silver from your accounts.

You can make your gold and silver transfer as grams to your own Iktisatbank gold or silver accounts or any other gold and silver accounts in Iktisatbank. The transfer transaction you make is instantly credited to the account you make the transfer.

With Gold and Silver transfer you can gift gold and silver to the person you wish to.

You can transfer your gold and silver from our Internet Banking, ATM Banking, Telephone Banking 444 4 444 and our nearest branch. This way your transfer do not include any risks like to be stolen or to be lost.

By making your gold and silver transfers you can exchange your precious metals for more appropriate prices.

How Can I Make Gold and Silver Transfers?

To make your gold and silver transfer you have to have a gold demand or silver demand account at Iktisatbank. If you have a gold or silver demand account you can make your transfer from Kibris Iktisatbank Ltd.’s nearest branch, Internet Banking and Telephone Banking 444 4 444.

If you do not have a gold or silver demand account you can open a new gold demand account or silver demand account from Kibris Iktisatbank Ltd.’s nearest branch, Internet Branch or Telephone Banking 444 4 444.

Gold Buy & Sell

Why Gold?
The supply of gold is limited as a reserve vehicle, the value is similar to currencies. In time of uncertainty, gold is described as 'Safe Heaven' for markets. Individual savings can be assessed and if you invest partly in gold this could diversify your "investment risk".

When viewed on an annual basis between 2002-2012 the price of gold recorded an increase of 600%. Although in 2013 it last 33% in value, the demand for gold is expected to continue.

How Can I Invest?
If you wish, you can invest the gold you have bought in a time deposit account. Minimum transaction amount is 1gr and you can open a time deposit gold account with a minimum of 10gr. When buying gold 1XAU= 1GR.

Highly liquid and a valuable investment vehicle awaits you at İktisatbank.

Silver Buy & Sell

How Can I Invest?
You can invest the silver you buy in Silver Time Deposit Account with suitable and advantaged interest rates.Minimum transaction amount of silver is 1gr. When buying silver 1XAG = 1GR.

Highly liquid and a valuable investment vehicle awaits you at İktisatbank.