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Bosphore CIP Lounge Privilege With SmartCard

The terms and conditions for the CIP Lounge Service have been updated on 01/05/2018 as below.

How about first class treatment at Ercan Airport’s new Bosphore CIP Lounge while you wait for your flight. Waiting for your flight will no longer be a bother while you taste the complimentary snacks on offer and enjoy daily newspapers and magazines.

Exclusive CIP services offered by SmartCard at Bosphore Lounge;

  • Unlimited Open Buffet: Enjoy delicious complimentary snacks while you are waiting for your flight.
  • Newspaper, Magazines and TV: Enjoy current magazines or daily newspapers in your comfortable seat, or watch TV to stay in touch with what's going on.
  • Complimentary  Internet  Access: Check your mail, or browse the internet while you are waiting for your flight in the Bosphore CIP Lounge.
  • PC & Tablet Use: Should you do not have a tablet with you, you are welcome to use a complimentary tablet while you are in the Bosphore CIP Lounge.
  • Conveniently Located Flight Monitors: While it might be more comfortable to stay in the lounge, conveniently located monitors allows you to make it to your flight on time.

The use of the CIP Bosphore Lounge terms and conditions are below;

  • All SmartCard holders can benefit from the Lounge Service. The entrance fee for a person is 90 TL and you need to pay with your SmartCArd at the time of entry.
  • Children up to age of 7 can use the lounge facilities for free.
  • For %50 discounted entry with a guest, SmartDiamond holders last statement must be 3.000 TL or above. SmartDiamond card holders can benefir from the discount once a month and entitled 12 times in a year.