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What is Chip&PIN?

Chip&PIN is used worldwide it was started by Visa/Mastercard and has become a mandatory security application.

Credit card forgery, fraud and counterfeiting is increasing worldwide. Thanks to Chip&PIN, credit card users have been given a much more secure payment system. A Credit Card with a chip is not as easily copied if lost or stolen because without your PIN purchases are prevented.

How do I use Chip&PIN for shopping?

Chip&PIN is a secure way to shop; it reduces the risk of fraud and card copying. It is an easy system to use and we encourage using it whenever possible.
1. The assistant at the till will place the card with the chip side first into the POS machine.
2. The POS machine will then be ask for you to enter your 4 digit PIN
3. Check the amount on the POS machine, enter your PIN and press confirm
4. As your PIN is confidential it will not be displayed on the POS machine, instead 4 x * will appear.
5. If you make a mistake when entering your PIN press the clear button and re-enter your PIN
6. A confirmation message will appear on the screen. After the confirmation you will be given your card and confirmation slip by the assistant.
7. If the retailer does not have Chip&PIN facility then you will be able to sign the slip.