Advantages Of Credit Card

World of SmartCard

Welcome to the World of  SmartCard

You can always count on SmartCard to make your life easier.

Indulge yourself and your loved ones with benefits, like preferred Ercan Airport CIP Lounge access and discounted cinema tickets.

With advanced security features such as a virtual card SmartCard is the only credit card you need.

Some of the Benefits of SmartCard;

Earn more SmartPoints not only from your domestic purchase, but also from your international purchases as well. Spend your points at any time.

Worldwide SmartCard Points

Buy petrol using your SmartPoints and earn a cash reward equivalent to the SmartPoints you spend.

Earn Cash When Buying Petrol with Your SmartCard 

Use your SmartCard and wait for your flight to arrive in an exclusive setting away from the hustle and bustle of the airport, while enjoying tasty treats and reading daily newspapers and magazines.

Discounted Entry to CIP Lounge with Your SmartCard

Shop using your SmartCard on weekdays and enjoy 50% off your weekend cinema experience in all North Cyprus cinemas.

Discounted Cinema Tickets with SmartCard

Use your SmartCard while shopping abroad and pay in monthly installments.

Buy Now with SmarCard and Pay Later for all Your Shopping Abroad

Pay for your electricity bill now using your SmartCard and pay back in monthly installments.

SmartCard Installment on Electricity Bills

Pay your parking fee using SmartCard at Ercan Airport and earn 50% discount.

Discounted Parking at Ercan Airport with SmartCard

Make any tax payments of 200TL and above using your SmartCard and pay back in 5 monthly installments.

Pay Your Tax with SmartCard and Pay back in Monthly Installments

Pay your IktisatSigorta policies with your SmartCard with up to 30% discount.

SmartCard Insurance Discount

Use the cash advance feature of SmartCard to withdraw cash now and pay back in up to 12 monthly installments at favorable interest rates.

Withdraw Cash Using Your SmartCard and Pay Back Later