Debit Card

Debit Card

Smart Debit Card - A Card For Every Need

With İktisatbank Smart debit cards free yourself from carrying around rolls of cash everywhere you go.

Our Smart debit card is more than just a card, it gives you the freedom to shop at stores without having to carry cash and it can be used all ATMs all over the world.

Smart Debit Card Features:

  • İktisatbank Smart Debit Cards linked to your current accounts.
  • Withdraw cash or pay bills with easy access to ATMs here and abroad.
  • Our Smart Debit Cards issued in partnership with MasterCard Worldwide
  • You can settle your purchases/payments via POS and online anywhere in the world.
  • Overdraft Coverage allows you to make everyday debit transaction or withdraw cash even when your avaliable balance is not sufficient to cover the transaction.
  • We protect all our cards with 3D- Secure protocol.
A Guide of Smart Debit Card:
  • There is no admisson charge on procuring the Smart Debit Card.
  • Easy enrollment through Internet Banking, by calling 444 4 444 or visiting us nearest branch.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, just call us at 444 4 444 or visit nearest branch to request a new one.
  • If you want activate or change your PIN, send SMS message or log into Internet banking.