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Loans and Credit Cards
Always be in Control with İktisatMobile

With İktisatMobile your banking transactions will be under your control anywhere you have your mobile phone and internet access.

With the loan and credit card menus especially designed you can monitor your loans, apply for a new loan, monitor your active cards and monitor your transactions made with your card instantly.

Our İktisatMobile application is 100% integrated with our banking system so you are able to monitor your current credit card limit and usable limit instantly.

Meet a brand new banking experience with İktisatMobile and check your accounts and transactions at your leisure.

Your Credit Card Is Under Your Control With İKTİSATMOBILE
With İktisatMobile application you can perform all your transactions free of charge and it gives you many options for your card security.

By using the extensive credit card menus, you can close your cards to internet / phone / mail orders and reopen them when you need it. With this option, you can reduce  the risk of carring your card with you.

İktisatMobile gives you service for all transactions related to your cards and accounts.