Ivr Banking

IVR Banking

Continuous Banking Service with Interactive Voice Response System

Following the principle of combining latest technology with the quality of professional services, İktisatbank Digital Banking Channels offer one more alternative - +90(392)444-4444 Interactive Voice Response System.

You can get any sort of information 24 hours a day with our Interactive Voice Response System in 3 languages: Turkish, English and Russian.
You can access your Credit Card information and account balance information 24 hours a day using the Interactive Voice Response System.

Who Can Benefit from Interactive Voice Response System?
All individual and corporate customers who have an account or open an account at Kıbrıs İktisat Bankası Ltd. can benefit from Interactive Voice Response System.

Interactive Voice Response System Working Hours:
With an enriched transaction set our Interactive Voice Response System provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IVR System Transaction Set

For our Voice Response System, designed with our customers in mind providing specific assistance to every customer, allowing you to carry out banking transactions in a practical manner you simply need to call +90(392)444-4444.

Without having to listen to the whole menu of Voice Response Systems, using your Smart Debit and  SmartCard Credit Card number and by entering your card PIN you can access the transactions menu list in a quick and easy way, for financial transactions you can also contact our customer representatives.

With our advanced technological infrastructure, our Voice Response System recognises you 24/7 when you login to our system and once again you will have the privilege of being a member of Kıbrıs Iktisat Bank Ltd.

The basic operations that you can perform in our renewed voice response system;

1. Credit Card Transactions1.1 Statement Information
1.2 Current Limit and Balance Information
1.3 Current Spending Details
2. Banking Transactions2.1 Demand Account Information
2.2 Time Deposit Account Information
4. PIN Transactions4.1 Credit Card PIN Transactions
4.2 Debit Card PIN Transactions
8. Russian 
9. English 

Right along with all these transactions you can dial "0" and our customer representatives can help you with your transactions.