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Special Mobile Application
IktisatMobile Application Special For You

We continue to monitor technology and develop accordingly so you can experience exclusive banking.

Northern Cyprus’s first real mobile banking application IktisatMobile has been designed especially for you.

The application that will make you feel special is at your service now.

With the DotLock feature designed for IktisatMobile, you do not have to remember your e-password. Just create a specific code for yourself and use your code everytime to login to IktisatMobile Banking.

With IktisatMobile application you can access our branches and ATM’s all around Northern Cyprus with ease. With the location feature of your mobile phone you can find the nearest branch and ATM and get directions by using the application.

On the IktisatMobile main screen you can monitor all your assets and you can monitor and control your last 10 banking transactions.

With the information section especially designed for Iktisat Mobile Banking you can see the commission and fee information of banking transactions.

In addition to all these features you can calculate your savings, the loan interest rates and also you can use our exchange tool and make your investments.

All banking transactions made with Iktisat's Mobile Banking application are free!

Special Mobile Application