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Attacks over Social Media

Recently, in our country It has been determined that people have recently tried to obtain your personal information through social engineering method and with this method they have tried to gain unfair profit. Do not share your personal information with people who tries to contact you via mobile phones, text messages or fake social media accounts.

Also, do not take credit for e-mails with unauthorized transaction receipts, payment receipts, or cancellation of reservation, which have the impression that they have been sent from banks, and have malware in their attachment. We recommend you to you check the sender field in incoming e-mails and delete e-mails from people or organizations you do not recognize. For any suspicious situation please report it to your bank.

If you have any doubt that someone has your information that you use for  your banking transactions, please call Telephone Banking at 0 (392) 444 4 444 as soon as possible.