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SMS Security Infrastructure
More Secure Transactions With SMS

Telephone Banking is much more safer with the renewed technology and enhanced service quality. With the new technological infrastructure used in Telephone Banking, customers account or personal details safety has increased to the highest level.

When you call our Telephone Banking our customer representative will ask you some security questions. If it is requered by the customer representative an instant SMS will be sent to your registered mobile phone number with a security code.

The SMS configuration message will only be sent to your personal mobile phone number. With this process no one else other than you can get information or make financial transaction via Telephone Banking.

The security code sent to your mobile phone number must be given to our customer representative without hanging out the phone and within 3 minutes. If the code given to our customer representative incorrect or if it is not given in 3 minutes the code will be expired.

In case of redial, a new SMS configuration message will be sent to your mobile phone number. The SMS configuration message is only for a single use.

If you have changed your mobile phone number or your mobile phone number has been stolen, please visit nearest Iktisatbank branch to update your mobile phone number information.

Some of the Special Services Telephone Banking offers you;

  • Service in 3 Languages:Telephone Banking is serving customers in Turkish, English and Russian.
  • Service Until 20:00 7days a week: We have extended our working hour to 7 days a week, between 08:00 - 20:00.
  • SMS Security Infrastructure: We are sending an instant security code message to your registered mobile phone number for your account safety.
  • Conversation Record: We are recording all the conversation you made with the customer representative for our customers safety.