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Save and Last 20 Transactions
IktisatMobile Remembers for You

With IktisatMobile’s saved and last 20 transactions menu you can save your transactions or monitor your last 20 transactions.

This way you do not have to remember the account numbers you have transfered money to before or the subscriber numbers of your bills.

With IktisatMobile there won’t be any risk of mistyping the IBAN number, SWIFT code as this information will be saved. Plus you will save time re-entering all the information.

After completing the transaction you have made for the first time there will be a screen asking you if you would like to save the transaction. You can save your transaction from this screen with a transaction name of your choice.

You can monitor your saved transactions using the Saved Transactions menu above the menu.

If you have forgotten to save the transaction you have previously made just enter the last 20 transactions menu and view your last 20 transactions details. Choose the transaction you would like to make again and make your transaction easily.