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Viruses and Trojan Horses

Malware is computer programs designed to harm a computer or steal information without the user's permission.
Viruses and Trojans are the most commonly used malware.

Self-copying and running is the most common feature of computer viruses. Without the user's knowledge they can hide in files and damage the computer or steal user information.

You may have the following problems If your computer is infected with a virus:

• Your computer may respond slow,
• You can often get program errors,
• Unwanted pop-up screens may appear,
• Your files may get lost or moved,
• Your computer can play music or video on its own.

Trojan horses
Trojan horses enters to your computer by being hidden inside files during file exchange with internet or with external disks.
It is the most commonly used method to reach personal and confidential information in your computers. It accesses to your system by blocking the operation of antivirus and firewall software. It is extremely difficult to notice Trojan horses in your system.

Ways to Avoid
• You must use Licensed Antivirus programs.
• Programs, games, music or pictures that you download from your computer should be checked from the virus program.
• Do not download files from insecure websites.
• Encrypt your passwords with a mixed character combination and renew your passwords periodically.
• Never open e-mails from people or organizations, links and attached files you do not recognize.