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Security with IktisatMobile Application

Mobile Banking offering you the convenience of banking transactions is expanding nowadays. Mobile Banking application also carries some security risks. You can be protected from these risks with small measures given to you by Kıbrıs Iktisatbank Ltd.

It is very important to read and perform the warnings below for your accounts safety. You can call Telephone Banking 444 4 444 for more information and help.

One Time Password;
One Time Pin is a legal obligation with Online Banking transactions.
One Time Pin  is a security feature for you to use mobile banking safely.
You do not have to carry any other device with you for your One Time Pin because your password is sent to your registered mobile phone number.
If you do not enter the code within 3 minutes the code sent  will automatically be canceled. You will have to login again to receive a new One Time Pin.
If you have changed your mobile phone number please visit the nearest Kıbrıs Iktisatbank Ltd. branch to update your information. If your mobile phone number is not updated on our system you can encounter problems when logging to Mobile Banking.

Security Image;
If you are logging into Mobile Banking first time you will be asked to choose from the security images shown after entering your username and password. After the first login the security image you have chosen will be shown to you every time you login to mobile banking after the password screen.
If the security image is the one you have chosen you will be receiving an SMS containing the One Time Password and login to Mobile.

Safety of your Device;
Please be sure that the mobile device and the software of your device is original and licenced for your account safety. If you have made some changes to your devices operating system (IOS Jailbreak etc.), Iktisatbank will not be responsible for any potential financial losses.