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FAQ - Telephone
Banking Transaction as Close as a Telephone

You can make your banking transaction via Telephone Banking with your phone without waiting in line at the bank's branches. We are giving information to you about our Telephone Banking.

What is Telephone Banking Interactive Voice Respond system (IVR)?
You can make your transaction with our interactive voice respond menus without speaking to any of our customer representatives when you call our Telephone Banking on 444 4 444.

What is Telephone Banking working hours?
We are giving service to our customers 7 days a week between 08:00-20:00.

Are the transactions we make via Telephone Banking secure?
To make transactions via Telephone Banking the system will be asking you your card pin number and a security SMS configuration code will be sent to you registered mobile phone number. Also the conversation you make with our customer representative are under record.

Can I pay my credit card balance via Telephone Banking?
You can pay your credit card balance via Telephone Banking.

How can I speak to customer representatives?
After calling Telephone Banking on 444 4 444 you can press '0' to speak to our professional customer representatives and make your transactions.

Can I make transactions if my personal informations are not updated?
Your personal information will be asked to you as security questions when you are making transactions via Telephone Banking. Because of this your information has to be updated.

If your personal details are not updated please visit Kıbrıs Iktisatbank Ltd's nearest branch and ask our customer representatives to help you update your personal information.

Can you update Mail order and e-commercial transactions via Telephone Banking?
You can update mail order and e-commercial transactions via Telephone Banking.