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Distinctive Features
Feel the Difference of Mobile Banking with Iktisat Mobile Application

Mobile Banking era has started in Northern Cyprus with the newest member of Digital Banking Channels Iktisat Mobile Banking.
You will feel the difference of real mobile banking with IktisatMobile application which providing you service in Turkish and English.

You can find the nearest Iktisatbank point with the Branch and ATM feature which is fully integrated to your mobile phone’s map application.

With the application’s save and last 20 transactions features you can save or find the last transaction made and do not have to remember the account information or subscriber numbers to make the transaction again.

Monitor the transaction details you have made with your SmartCard credit card instantly and monitor your account and loan details with the application. Send SMS to the receiver after making the transfer transaction without logging out of the application. Only thing you have to do is choose the receiver from the address book of your mobile phone.

IktisatMobile application has been developed for you to have a new mobile banking experience with the new features.

Distinctive Features