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Transactions You Can Make
List of Transactions You can Make Using IktisatMobile Application

You can make the most from banking transactions without the need to visit a branch or a computer, with IktisatMobile Application.

You can make lots of transactions even before you log in to the IktisatMobile secured area such as find a branch and ATM, loan calculation, savings calculation, monitor exchange rates, get information about the products and services and calculate currency exchange rates.

After logging into the secured area of the application with your username and e-password you can make the most from your banking transactions.

If you do not have a username and e-password you can login to IktisatMobile with the card you have for your individual or joint account and make transactions such as credit card payment and make money transfers between your accounts.

When you login with your e-password you can make many more transactions such as wire, EFT, pay yours or other credit cards, exchange transactions and pay your bills.

Transactions You Can Make