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Your Assets Are Under Your Control

You do not know all of your assets you own at İktisatbank?

You can see your demand account, time deposit account and credit card details from your assets menu. Assets menu helps you to see all the details on a single menu and you do not have to calculate your financial assets manually.

Login to our Internet Banking with your e-password or card to find your financial assets menu under Accounts menu. Find all of your account details and credit card details  easily.

Some of the unique services Internet Banking offers you;

  • Saved and Last 20 Transactions: You can save your transactions easily and see your last transactions.
  • Applications: You can apply easily and fast with the application form under application menu
  • SMS to Receiver: The system gives information to the receiver when you make fund transfers like EFT, money order etc.
  • Scheduled Transactions: You can give instruction for your regular payments and we pay your payments on the date.
  • Loans: If you have taken a loan from İktisatbank you can see your loan information from the new loans menu.
  • Assets: You can see all your assets you have at İktisatbank.
  • Last 5 Login: You can check your last 5 logins date and place.
  • Security Restriction: You can make your internet banking much more safe with the security restrictions you determine.

To discover Internet Banking's fast and non stop services and to experience wide range of transaction set you can login now.

Also all banking transactions are free!