ATM Transactions

The Transactions You Can Make with ATM Banking

You can make your banking transactions safely from ATM without waiting in line of branches and you do not have to think of branches working hours.

You can make your banking transactions easily with card or without card and you can deposit or cash withdrawal funds from ATM Banking.

ATM Transactions

Account TransactionsCash WithdrawalCash Deposit
Account StatementCash WithdrawalDeposit funds into own account
Monitoring BalanceFast Cash WithdrawalDeposit funds into someone elses account
Payments / ApplicationsOther TransactionsWithout Card Transactions
Loan PaymentFast Cash Transaction IdentificationCash Deposit
Invoice PaymentChange PINCredit Card Payment
ApplicationsCurrency Exchange 
Card TransactionsCash AdvanceTransfer Transactions
Card DetailsCash Advance to AccountWire/Money Order
Transactions within this periodCash AdvanceEFT
Credit Card PaymentCurrency Transactions Invoice Payments
Payment to own credit cardBuy/Sell CurrencyMobile Phone
Payment with Card NoMonitoring Exchange rateTelephone
  Council Payments

* You can make your transaction at ATM Banking using your SmartCard Credit Card and Smart Debit Card. You can make your with card and cardless transactions with English menus after choosing "English" option.