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Debit Card Application Form

Debit Card Application Form

Smart Debit card for all your needs. Your bank will be always with you with Smart Debit card linked to your current account. You can use your Smart Debit card to cash withdraw at any ATM with Visa&Master logo or you can use shopping world wide via the POS with the funds you have in your current account.

There is no yearly charge for your debit card. Your daily cash withdrawal limit with your debit card is 3.000 TL. As you can use your debit card with your individual current account, you can also use your debit card with your joint account. This way you and other account holder can access the account and make your transaction at same time.

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Kıbrıs Iktisat Bankası Ltd. is a local bank in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Residency in Northern Cyprus is required to benefit from our Bank’s products and services.