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Small Business Loans
Iktisatbank Business Loan Products

You can choose from the warriaty of flexible loans that suits your financial needs. You can sort your financial need with Iktisatbank's help.

If you are getting into a new business or want to improve your business you can choose from our flexible loans packages that suit you.

For agriculture businesses Northern Cyprus olive and olive oil makers committee members can get Agriculture Zeybir loan and the Northern Cyprus Economy and Energy Ministry will pay the %10 of %12 interest rate.

With your overdraft account you can pay your cheque, electricity payment, water bills, telephone bills automaticly and your payment wont be delayed, the payment will be done at the last payment day.

Automatically from the account, and you do not have to worry. Also for the businesses there are lots of advantaged loan interest rates at Kıbrıs Iktısatbank LTD.


Small Business Loans