Corporate Deposit Products

Corporate Investment Products
Corporate Investment Products Makes Life Easier

You can use your saving whenever you would like to and can benefit from our advantaged investment services.
You can choose from 3 different types of time deposit accounts that suits your business and open an account as TL or Foreign exchange. Also opening these are account are very easy.

You can open a time deposit account via İktisatbank's Internet Banking without going to any of the branches with advantaged interest rates.
The demand accounts you open as TL or Foreign exchange can be used when ever you would like. You can make your transfers like EFT, account to account instantly, pay your bills and more.

Time Deposit Account Interest Rates

You can find private banking time deposit account and Internet Banking time deposit account interest rates at the table below.


Simple explanation of a forward transaction is the process of fixing the exchange rate for a future date.

Who can use Forward?

  • Customers who deal with international trade,
  • Companies who have exchange rate risks on their balance sheet,
  • Customers who wants to manage their cash flow effectively,
Example Transaction 1:

This product is suitable for customers who wants to eliminate the risk of Turkish Lira depreciation or wants to exchange GBP to TL at a higher exchange rate.

Transaction AmountGBP 100,000 . -
Maturity Date92 day
Spot Market Rate7,100 (GBP/TL)
Forward Rate7,500 (GBP/TL)

On maturity, regardless of the level of currency, GBP 100,000 will be exchanged to TL at the rate of 7,500. Customer sells 100,000 GBP and obtains TL 750,000.

Option is a contract which gives its buyers the right to call and put a specific financial asset in a predetermined term and at a predetermined price and it imposes its sellers the obligation to call and sell.

For details of this and other investment products please visit any of the İktisatbank branches or call our Telephone Banking on +90(392)444-4444.

Example Transaction:
Suitable for customers who wants protection against the rise in the exchange rate.

Transaction AmountUSD 100,000. -
Term Date32 day
Spot Market Rate5,9300 (usd/tl)
Agreement Rate (strike)5,9500 (usd/tl)
Option PrimiumUSD 5,000

At the maturity, if USD/TL exchange rate is higher than the strike rate, i.e.5,9500 ; customer can use his/her right and can buy 100,000 USD from 5,9500 USD/TL exchange rate.

At the maturity, if USD/TL exchange rate is lower than the strike rate, i.e.5,9500 ; customer will not use his/her right and will exchange the foreign currency with the market rate.