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Our Career Policy
İktisatbank Career Policy

İktisatbank values its employees and our HR department plays a strategic role in this. The HR department also plays a role in the bank’s strategic decisions. İktisatbank HR Department executes its role and decision making in conjunction with all departments and within the objectives set out by the bank.

The strengths and performance of the employees is monitored though a bi-annual performance review carried out in house. From this review all employees are encouraged to make a career plan.

Promotions within İktisatbank are encouraged by the bank and relevant training and skills development is provided.

The HR department assists, motivates and educates its personnel to always ensure they achieve job satisfaction.

A training and orientation course is given to all new starters upon commencement of employment with İktisatbank.

Personal development training is also encouraged and supported by the HR department.

Training and Development is provided both in house and externally, within the North Cyprus and other countries where appropriate. In addition to training courses provided by the Central Bank of the North Cyprus.

Once you join the bank how far you go and what you achieve is up to you.