Leave No School Without a BicycleArchive


The leader of first in the TRNC Banking Sector, Iktisatbank today visited the Chairman of The Cycling Federation Ekin Adademir, at the starting point of the 2nd International Cycle Tour, Nicosia High School. 18 teams from around 20 different countries take part in the Cycle Tour. Within the same concept people from across the TRNC will be taking part on Sunday 19th in the event to raise funds to purchase bicycles for schools across the TRNC under the campaign name of “Leave No School Without a Bicycle” and Iktisatbank has today registered every member of staff to take part.

During the morning, Iktisatbank General Manager Olgun Önal, accompanied by branch and department managers visited the Nicosia High School to register all Iktisatbank employees for the Cycle Tour. Upon presenting the Chairman of The Bicycle Federation, with the participation fee for all Iktisatbank employees, Iktisatbank General Manager Olgun Önal said; we value the use of bicycles for both healthy living and also for a healthy environment, both as Iktisatbank and also personally I feel that campaigns like this are crucial to raising awareness of the both the benefits of cycling and also the importance of good roads and road safety to ensure that our children grow up being able to cycle freely and safely.

He also underlined the fact that Iktisatbank support a wide range of social responsibility projects within the framework of the corporation and that Iktisatbank is one of the strongest members of the TRNC business community and we will continue to work towards contributing towards improving the quality of life for all and to fulfil our responsibilities towards our community. He finished by emphasizing that all sensitive institutions should support this and similar activities, Önal thanked Ekin Adademir, the Chairman of the Cycling Federation, for hosting such an event.
Published Date : 16.02.2017