Iktisatbank Is At Finance SummitArchive


The İstanbul Finance Summit, held in Conrad Hilton on September 6-7 with the main theme of "Geopolitical Risks and Finance" last year, attracted 1123 invitation attendants from 27 countries and 40 speakers from 12 countries shared their views on this year's 27-28 September. This year, the main theme of summit will be "Fintek and Risk Management". This important summit is followed by İktisatbank General Manager Olgun Önal, Assistant General Manager Tayfun Balıkcı, Treasury Group Manager Emre Değirmencioğlu and Finance Manager Hasan Berkut.

The İstanbul Finance Summit, held with the support of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, the Prime Ministry, the Undersecretariat of Treasury and the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (SPK), provides financial institutions such as central bankers, bankers, senior executives from the North America, Europe, Basque Gulf Region and East Asia Regions , academics, insurers, corporate finance professionals, decision-makers and regulators.

İktisatbank General Manager Olgun Önal, who will come together with the leading names of the Finance Sector before and after the Summit and will be in various contacts, Fintek, Financial Technologies, is now part of our life. In this context, the topics of risk management such as research and development, innovation financing, technological transfer and vital preservation for the sector will be covered in the top financial sector. We will have followed the sectoral views and evaluations from the mouths of the most valuable participants. As İktisatbank, we will continue to follow and keep up with all innovations and developments in the sector both in Cyprus and in the circulation in the banking sector.

Published Date : 27.09.2017