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Kıbrıs Iktisatbank Ltd.’s stands for restructuring law for the debts delayed or becamed uncollectible:

If You Intend, We Are There!

Kıbrıs İktisatbank Ltd. Which holds the leading position in terms of loans that used by private sector in TRNC, continues to lead the way since the establishment of the bank.

Iktisatbank has declared on all platforms that we can agree with our borrowers who intend to pay. We felt the need of sharing our stands with the public in order to end the uncertainty of non-performing loans (NPL).

Our bank has made stands about NPL accounts in previous years. Clearly everyone will remember the stand we have made “If You Intend, We Are There” in 2007 and 2009.

It is essential that the stand is simple, understandable, transparent and malicious

Our Suggestions;

  • If the applicant gives a cash payment off debt, an additional discount will be applied to the interest by us.
  • For the restructured debts maturiy can be applied up to 9 years.
  • Up to %40 discount will be applied for the lawyers fee.

If you Intend, We are there.

If you have non-performing loans or credit card debt from our bank, let us solve it and get comfortable.

Visit our nearest branch, so we can bring to a conclusion.

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Campaign Start/Finish Date : 01.10.2013 - 31.01.2014

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