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ATM Baking Now at 3 New Points
Iktisatbank ATM Banking Gives You Service With 3 New Locations

Iktisatbank ATM Banking is equipped with the latest technology to carry out all your banking transactions and continues to increase its service points with 3 locations.
The Iktisatbank ATM network, which is spread over every region of Cyprus, provides uninterrupted service 24 hours a day 7 days a week with its advanced technical infrastructure.

Iktisatbank ATMs are now available closer to you at,
  • Kermiya (Kemal Semiler Street (Kiler Supermarket), Kermiya, Nicosia / TRNC 99010)
  • NeoPark (Sehit Orhan Durusoy Street (Neo Park Mall), Kyrenia / TRNC 99300)
  • MagicPlus (Semih Sancar Street (Magic Plus Tower), Kyrenia / TRNC 99300)
At ATMs, Iktisatbank customers are provided with withdrawals and enquiries on its own cards as well as other bank cards.
Published Date: 21.08.2019