ATM Banking Now at 3 New PointsArchive


Iktisatbank ATM Banking is equipped with the latest technology to carry out all your banking transactions and continues to increase its service points with 3 locations.
The Iktisatbank ATM network, which is spread over every region of Cyprus, provides uninterrupted service 24 hours a day 7 days a week  with its advanced technical infrastructure.
Iktisatbank ATMs are now available closer to you at,
  • Nicosia Dereboyu Street
  • Ortaköy Lemar
  • Gönyeli Atatürk Street

Distinctive Offsite Cabin Design
The new ATMs, which are all set up as Offsite (out of Branch), are specially designed and  provide service in cabins that are visually to your liking. You can see Iktisatbank Offsite ATM cabins in many places in North Cyprus, which can be distinguished form other ATM's with its design and the technical details it contains. In order not to interrupt the ATM banking services, all ATM cabins are equipped with the latest technology electricity and internet connection infrastructure.The ATM's area and environment are arranged and illuminated so that you can easily carry out your banking transactions.
Iktisatbank has ATMs everywhere!
With 3 new locations, Iktisatbank ATM Banking has reached 26 service points throughout the island. All ATM's give services such as, cash withdrawal from an account, credit card cash advance, installment cash advance, account loan payment, account card debt payment, bill payment and foreign exchange buying and selling transactions.
At ATMs, Iktisatbank customers are provided with withdrawals and enquiries on its own cards as well as other bank cards.
Published Date : 02.06.2017