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A Book reader from İktisatbank to K.T Visually Handicaped Association

In İktisatbanks sponsorship, Huseyin Kırmızı’s ‘’colours and Voices’’ CD work were sold. From the income they had from this compaign, they bought 10 watches that speaks turkish, 15 white wheels for walking stick and  a book reader which cost 13.000 TL to Raif Denktas Visually handicaped Assosiation.

The promotion of the book reader was made in the association hall with an event.

General Manager of Olgun Önal and Assistant General Manager Tayfun Balıkcı also attended to the event.

Dervis Yücetürk thanked to all Bank staff and he was also happy about İktisatbank’s support to visually handicaped association.

He was introducing the device by giving information how it works. The device can read many different languages and also can download music program.

There are many people in the school whos having education. He mentioned the importance of the device and said, they will reach to every information they need to.

General Manager Olgun Önal mentioned that they were so happy to be part of this campaign.
In this campaign, 1000 CD sold in 2-3 days time by the help of bank staff and customers also.

Önal explained how happy they were, that students will be able to use a device that can read many languages to help them.
Published Date : 19.04.2018