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SmartCard Fitness and SPA Campaign
Discount Up To %25 For Your Fitness & SPA Spendings With SmartCard

SmartCard benefits continues. Pay with your SmartCard processed on SmartPOS machine at Life Point Fitness & SPA Centre to take advantage of the following;

  • %15 discount for 6 & 12 months Silver membership,
  • %20 discount for 6 & 12 months Gold membership,
  • %25 discount for 6 & 12 months Platinum membership.
  • In addition to the above %20 discount will be applied for group exercises (yoga, pilates, CrossFit, Zumba, TRX, Spinning) and SPA, massage, cosmetics and all other services.

All SmartCard customers can benefit from the SmartCard Fitness and SPA Campaign.

Campaign Start/Finish Date : 25.07.2018 - 31.12.2018

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