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İktisatbank Fotoğraf Yarışması
The Winners of Photography Contest is Determined

The results of İktisatbank’s Mobile Photography contest were announced.

Users voted for 20 photos from our Facebook page during 2 months.

The winning participants and their likes they had from votes untill 31st of March are given below;

1. Ali Yılmaz 1238 MacBook Air
2. Rıza Açıkgöz 872 iPad Pro
3. Aslı Kırmızı 765 iPad
4. Ceylan Çınarlılı 417 500 TL
5. Elif Durmaz 413 500 TL
6. Cenk Çiftarslan 382 500 TL
7. Bilgehan Kafadar 271 500 TL
8. Esra Tozakı 235 500 TL
The presents will be given to winning contestants On 10th of April at İktisatbank Head Office.

We would like to thank all participants.