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Following the signing of the protocol between Salamis Bay Conti hotel and İktisatbank comes the signing of the protocol with Le Chateau Lambousa, under the subsidized loan programme for the improvement and completion of unfinished hotels, within the TRNC.

An agreement has been signed between LE CHATEAU LAMBOUSA and IKTISATBANK in accordance with the protocol approved by the government on the 28th of April of subsidized loans for businesses in the Economy and Tourism sector of the TRNC, to provide financial support to meet improvements, modernization or completion of unfinished hotels and assist hotels within regaining a place in the tourism sector.

At the signing of the loan protocol İktisatbank Assistant General Manager Olgun Önal underlined the fact that with the nature, clean seas, thousands of years of history and untouched beauty we have a country with high tourism potential, so to make the most of the existing potential and to achieve the desired level of world-class tourism facilities there is a need for increased investment in the tourism infrastructure and related sectors. Mr Önal, went on to say that İktisatbank are particularly interested in supporting our country to invest significant amounts in the tourism sector and that we are pleased to assist with the financing of investments in the tourism sector.

İktisatbank Assistant General Manager Önal pointed out that the result of the signing of the loan agreement between LE CHATEAU LAMBOUSA and İktisatbank means that the TRNC will gain another new 5 star hotel, he added that the Assisted Loans programme and in particular the improvement and completion of unfinished tourism projects loan, means that 4 star and lower starred tourism accommodations can be modernized and increase capacity, KOBİGEM will cover 5 points of the loan costs for the restoration of boutique hotels or conversions of touristic accommodation similar to those in Famagusta and Lefkoşa old city, İktisatbank will participate in all projects with this type of important financial support, to assist the local economy and with a large number of branches across the island and every available contact avenue, İktisatbank is always accessible.

At the signing of the Loan Protocol the Director of LE CHATEAU LAMBOUSA Serhat Akpınar said; İktisatbank was a strategic partner for themselves, and expressed his gratitude for the contribution from the General Manager , the Kyrenia branch Manager and all the employees at Iktisatbank. As a group with over 850 employees, bringing LE CHATEAU LAMBOUSA to life means the addition of 65 new people to the group, he went on to say that LE CHATEAU LAMBOUSA was the first 5 star hotel to be placed on Turkish soil in 1967 thanks to Mr Aziz Kent, and that they are very happy to bring back to life one of the hotels that has remained closed for a period of time and contribute towards the growth of tourism in the country by increasing bed capacity from 160 to 240, the hotel will be operated as 5 star boutique hotel with a Wellness Centre and Gourmet area as well as international conference and meeting facilities this will mean Lapta will once again have an important contribution to the tourism sector. Akpınar concluded by saying that by signing this protocol the TRNC Economy and Tourism has gained another 5 star 240 bed hotel.

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Published Date : 16.06.2014